Quotes from Brad Willems, author of

No Shortcuts

No Shortcuts:
Ideas For Focused Results In A Distracted World

Eighteen months ago, I was talking with a colleague about what has been working in his business. We got on to talking about the “credibility staircase” and how different marketing tactics have the ability to set you apart from your competition. A book – he said – was one of the best ways to differentiate your thought leadership in an area.

Fast-forward one year, and with the guidance, creative input, and coordination of Riley Moynes, I am now a published author. Riley assisted through the entire process, from concept to publication. His direction was critical as we together worked to flush out the articulation of the initial idea – 25 short blog-post-style life lessons on purposeful living – into something far more tangible. What felt like a pipe-dream project quickly became a reality, completed on time and on budget as originally promised. This book is now a distinguished arrow in my marketing quiver, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Riley’s help.

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Quotes from Paul Moore, author of

Your Wealth LegacyYour Wealth Legacy:
A Guide To Smart Living And Smart Giving

I have chosen to be a creative problem solver in the field of wealth management… someone who adds real value to the lives of my clients. I’ve done it for 30 years now, and I’m very good at it.

I had often thought of writing a book that would allow me to share my expertise and experience more widely, but really had no idea where to start or how to approach such a daunting project. Plus… I’m busy helping my clients; where would I find the time to undertake a book-publishing project? Then there is the fact that I don’t consider writing to be one of my greatest strengths.

That’s when I decided to chat with Riley. He has extensive experience as an author and publisher, and I had been impressed with a book whose recent publication he had managed.

After our conversation, I decided to move ahead with the project and hired Riley to help me oversee it; it was a wise decision. He helped me to structure my thoughts, which lead logically to the table of contents; he helped me create and polish the manuscript; he made suggestions for the selection of the right charts and graphics; he helped me create the title and the jacket design. He worked effectively behind the scenes with his designers, editors and printers, with the result that we published on time and on budget. And I’m delighted with the end product!

Working with Riley was an enjoyable and highly professional experience, and it’s probably accurate to say that without his help, I’d still be thinking about authoring a book.

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Quotes from Stephen Jones, CPA, CA, CFP, author of

The Tax MasterThe Tax Master:
A Professional’s Guide To Wealth Management

Throughout my career, I have always strived to be “one step ahead” of others. Like a professional golfer on the PGA tour, a one stroke a day advantage over your fellow competitors leads to huge differences in success.

When Riley and I first discussed the idea of writing my book, I hesitated as I knew it would be hard work. And it was! However, Riley took care of all the details, and led us from outline to draft, to finished script, to published book, to internet presence within eight months. Without Riley, it would have taken me eight years!

I now have a real competitive advantage. When people ask what I do, I simply give them a copy of my book! The reaction from all those who receive it has been outstanding, and continually reminds me that it was well worth the time, energy and money. I cannot thank Riley enough.

P.S. One month after publication, I was awarded Wealth Professional’s 2015 Advisor of the Year. (Our submission for consideration included a copy of the manuscript, and I believe it was a factor in the decision.)

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Quotes from Keith Brown, author of

The Family Business AdvisorThe Family Business Advisor:
Providing Structured Transitions For Business And Wealth

I had an exceptional and rewarding experience working with Riley to build my great book for business owners to help them build great family businesses, “The Family Business Advisor”.

He is exceptionally well informed and I found his process to be educational, informative, collaborative and most importantly successful.

Riley has a unique ability to help his clients formulate their ideas into meaningful thoughts that can be transformed into a book. My words, notes, sketches and scribbles are now well organized, interesting and thought provoking. Expect him to push you until he extracts the information he needs to help you carefully build your personal story explaining your your life, work or creations.

He is a great mentor and partner I would recommend to anyone needing help to communicate their story.

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Quotes from Chris Moynes, author of

The Pro's process

The Pro’s Process: An Expert’s Approach To
Wealth Management For Professional Athletes

When The Pro’s Process was published, it immediately helped me differentiate myself from others in a very crowded field. The book has raised my credibility with players, coaches, management and player-agents, and has opened doors to locker rooms and executive suites in a way I could never have imagined. I am seen as an expert in my field… one who understands the challenges my clients face, and one who has proven solutions to offer.

As a direct result of the book, I have signed more than a dozen new clients, with a lifetime value of well over $100,000 each. My business has been taken to a new level, and there’s no end in sight.

Throughout the publication process, Riley helped me polish the thoughts and concepts I wanted to present, he provided great guidance, creative suggestions, and he worked effectively with the designers and printers. Importantly, the book was produced on schedule and on budget. He managed the whole process seamlessly.

The decision to author this book and to work with Riley in creating it, are among the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

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Quotes from Chris Moynes, author of

After The GameAfter The Game:
Challenges For The Retiring Pro Athlete

After working with Riley on my resoundingly successful first book, The Pro’s Process, Wealth Management for Professional Athletes, I contacted him to discuss a second project.

I had recently had a discussion with a friend of mine, a former NHL’er, about the challenges he was facing having recently retired from the game. We agreed that we would put pen to paper about those issues in order to shine a light on the challenges faced by retiring pro athletes that not very many people know about. Everyone thinks pro athletes have it easy; they have fame and fortune…what could possibly be challenging about the rest of their lives?

A week later, Steve Montador was gone.

In my grief and sadness, I knew that I wanted to continue with this project as a tribute to Steve’s memory, and that Riley was the perfect match to help me with it.

After The Game is the second book in The Pro’s Process Series and it is a guide to the challenges that professional athletes face as they retire from their sport.

I had so many ideas about what this project could be, and Riley focused my sights on what he final product should be. He interviewed many former pro athletes as well as some of their spouses, and proposed not only the book’s format, but also its design. He kept me on schedule and fully informed through all steps of the publication process.

The results have been amazing! People in the sports industry have applauded the publication, and it has opened many new doors. It has cemented my reputation as being an expert on how to effectively deal with pro athletes not only during their time in the game, but After The Game as well.

Thanks Riley; I couldn’t have done it without you.

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