How Writing A Book Will Be Like ‘Rocket Fuel’ for Your Business

Major Benefits

  1. You are immediately perceived as a leading authority; it’s the top step on the Credibility Staircase.
  2. Provides instant celebrity and creates a “WOW” factor.
  3. Raises your profile—authors are in the top 10% of professions.
  4. Increases your perceived value as a businessperson.
  5. Brands your business.
  6. Heightens your visibility, especially on the Internet.
  7. Represents an expression of your personal mission to help others.
  8. Allows you to create your niche and explain how you are different from your competition; separates you from the crowd.
  9. Assures greater client loyalty and retention; clients “blab” for you.
  10. Provides invaluable leverage for your business; your message reaches more people, more quickly.
  11. Establishes credibility with a prospect before the meeting.
  12. Provides an entrée to radio, television, guest speaking, newspaper interviews and corporate presentations.
  13.  It’s like a business card on steroids!
  14. There’s nothing like walking into a meeting with a prospective client with a book you wrote in your hand.