Five Ways I can Help You Write a Successful Book

As an experienced author with nearly two-dozen published books in a variety of fields, I can assist you in the following key ways:

1. Planning
As your Personal Book Coach I will:

  • Walk you through the step-by step process of writing, publishing and promoting your book.
  • Help you articulate clearly and concisely what your book is about, using the Publish For Profile™ Worksheet.
  • Guide you through the creation of a table of contents, which provides the overall structure for the book.
  • Motivate you and keep you focused and on schedule.
  • Become a support system and partner in the book-writing process.
  • Be fully committed to helping you write and produce a successful book.

2. Writing
As your Personal Book Coach I will:

  • Help you organize your ideas, research, main points, and written material.
  • Develop a first draft of selected components for your approval.
  • Arrange for you to ‘talk your book’ rather than write it if you prefer. We’ll record, transcribe and edit it.
  • Work with you to determine the best use of charts, graphs, images, quotes etc.
  • Assist you in making your book entertaining, practical, educational, professional and successful.

3. Editing
As your Personal Book Coach I will:

  • Help you develop your book from your original idea through the outline, rough drafts, and revisions to the finished manuscript.
  • Work with you to decide on a ‘killer’ title.
  • Use current marketing research to create a powerful front cover, and even more importantly, a compelling back cover.
  • Work closely with our experienced editors to ensure a professional, top-quality manuscript.

4. Publishing
As your Personal Book Coach I will:

  • Research and recommend experts in all book-related fields from graphic designers to printers.
  • Research and clarify publishing options available including electronic (e-book) and audio (a-book) formats, and make recommendations best suited to your needs.
  • Guide you in selecting book format size, binding options, front and back cover design, font size, color selection, paper and cover stock.
  • Arrange for copyright registration in your name, acquisition of ISBN number, creation of QR codes and links (if required), setting up and posting videos to YouTube as required.

5. Marketing
As your Personal Book Coach I will:

  • Recommend a variety of methods you can use to market your book.
  • Assist in the creation of a website that can serve as a ‘store’ where your book can be sold.
  • Suggest ongoing initiatives that can drive traffic to your website.
  • Arrange for sale of your book on major websites.

And when your book is published, I’ll be first in line at your Launch and Signing Party!