Dr. Riley Moynes Bio

DR. RILEY MOYNESOver his four-decade career, Riley has authored or co-authored nearly two-dozen books, using both traditional and self-publishing channels.

Among his most successful publications is The Money Coach first published in and in five subsequent editions, which sold over 200,000 copies. He followed this up with The Money Coach’s Guide To Top Funds, an analysis of the top mutual funds in Canada. It was first published in 1992 and subsequently revised and updated annually through 2003. He also created and self-published the Money Coach’s Estate Planning Guide as well as The Gerber Baby And You, a discussion of the social and economic impact of the Baby Boomers on North American society.

During his long and successful publishing career, he has learned the secrets that produce bestsellers, and he is now available to share them with you.

Imagine having an experienced pro working closely with you, assisting and mentoring, serving as your Personal Book Coach™, as you author the book that will propel your business to the next level.

For many clients, the thrill of holding their very own book, complete with a full-color photo on the front or back cover, represents a huge personal and professional accomplishment… and it invariably has a positive impact on their business.

So when you decide it’s time to take your business to the next level, let Riley help you get it done!


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