That’s what we do at Your Personal Book Coach,
it’s the only thing we do, and we do it very well.

Helping advisors and entrepreneurs grow their businesses is my passion…and I’ve been doing it for 25 years. And as an author myself, I’ve learned a lot about the art of writing and publishing over that time.

At Your Personal Book Coach, we bring that passion, that expertise and that experience together to help you author and publish your own book.


Three Key Benefits Of Publishing A Book:

  1. Current research shows that publishing a book puts you on the very top step of The Credibility Staircase, and increases your credibility factor by 300%... helping you separate yourself from your competition.

    Simply put: BOOK AUTHOR=EXPERT

  2. In a publication entitled “The Business Impact of Writing a Book”, published by the RAIN Consulting Group, 96% of the authors surveyed agreed that publishing a book had significantly impacted their businesses, and would recommend the practice to others.

    But despite this compelling fact, less than 2% of advisors have published a book. What an opportunity this represents for you to stand out from the crowd!

  3. Put yourself in a prospective client’s shoes for a moment. If you were the client and were considering two people to be hired as your advisor, one of whom had written a book on the topic, which one would you choose?


Authoring a book will change your business and your life!

We’ll create your unique publication, with your unique message, for your unique business… and you will love the result!

Please review the material on the following pages, and if you like what you see, let’s discuss it further.


Dr. Riley Moynes